- - --- why pink
pink links? this is for all those who tear down gender borders ... activivists and supporters ... so let's purpleize ths world

- - --- lgbti - lesbian gay bisexual transgender transsexual intersexed intergender
lgbt - see information about lgbt on wikipedia
nonbinary - network and info for those who don't fit the gender binary
gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer encyclopedia
homo wiki all you want to know about it - in german
ilga europe - european region of the interantional lesbian, gay, bisexual, tans and intersex association
iglhrc - international gay and lesbian human rights commission
national lgbti health alliance in australia
queer amnesty - love is not a crime - the queer section of amnesty international germany
sub gay in munich, germany
letra lesbian in munich, germany
viva transsexuell in munich, germany
csd - christopher street day, munich, germany

- - --- pink artists and supporters
sookee - raping quing of berlin - best german raping queen
shirlette ammons - poet, musician, author, rapper
my favourite rapper wears a skirt
no boys but rap - women in hiphop ... is out there as long as hip hop herself
kbh - kunst(be)handlung - mostly pink art - gallery, munich, germany
sisters and fashion - la, us
robert c rore - painter and artist, munich, germany
jennifer leitham great jazz musician double bass player from the u.s.
conchita wurst - eurovision song contest winner from austria

- - --- pink politics
georgina beyer - the world's first openly transsexual mayor (new zealand), as well as the world's first openly transsexual member of parliament
vladimir luxuria - the first openly transgender member of parliament in europe, and the world's second openly transgender mp after georgina beyer
rosa liste - pink party - part of the council in munich

- - --- some details about pink
befor the 1920ies pink was the maskulin and pale blue was the feminine color. red has been the color for strength, blood, fight and passion. in england men wore red uniforms, boys wore pink. clothing for children in the 19th century was almost always white, since, before the invention of chemical dyes, clothing of any color would quickly fade when washed in boling water. after the first world war, blue became the maskulin color, as men wore blue marine and working uniforms.
the nazis forced inmates of concentration camps, who were accused of homosexuality, to wear a pink triangle. because of this, the pink triangle has become a symbol of modern gay rights movements
pink combined with black or violet is commonly associated with eroticism and seduction
in japan, a genre of low budget, erotic cinema is referred to as pink films
the golden age of the color pink was the rococo period in the 1720ies to 1770ies, when pastel colors becam very fashionable in all the courts of europe. pink was particularly championed by madam de pompadour, the mistress of king louis xv

- - --- some details about high heels
high heels make females look sexier. high heels play an elementary role in the live of women. and this is ever since ...? No!
the first people wearing high heels, were persian soldiers 3500 b.c., bowmen riding horses. cultural exchange over the years led to european men wearing high heels.
high heels were mostly worn by men in the medieval. by wearing high heels they signalized authority, superority, prestige. as women in these times were not supposed to have those attributes, they were exposed to repression. women wearing high heels in those times were the first rebellions, pioneers of feminism.
even nowadays people say well-heeled to a rich person.
maybe it was king luis xiv first to wear red soles under his high heels. he had pairs with their heels covered with red leather.
after the revolution 1791 high heels disappeared. and napoleon banned symbols of inequality with the code civil and high heels had then been illegal.
during the 60ies and 70ies it was voge even for men to wear high heels as an expression of sexual freedom.
look at > standing tall : the curious history of men in heels - bata shoe museum - toronto