- - --- mags, zines, sites, comunities, festivals
strapazin - the comic-art-magazin, swisse
comicgate - german webzine
comicforum - german comic forum
comicradioshow - german comic forum
comicfest - munich comic festival
icom - german independent comic association

- - --- manga, anime, cosplay and more from japan
manga usa
manga europe
connichi - manga- and anime-convention of egmont manga + anime and animexx e.v.
animexx e.v. - manga, anime and colsplay assosiation, germany
german anime portal
manga history
manganet - by egmont manga + anime - publisher
neo tokyo - anime, manga, i-music - munich+berlin, germany
tokyo pop - publisher, germany
carlsen comics - publisher, germany
paninicomics - publisher, germany
cosplay - international cosplay portal
cosmates - japanese costume store
consplayers - a not for profit website for fans of costuming
cosplay heaven - german cosplay community
american cosplay paradise
cosplay lab - from a cosplay family of four to a cosplay portaly
j-list - your friend in japan about japanese study and photo books high school uniforms anime toys dvds ant more

- - --- on tv
total - for german southpark fans

- - --- on tv and as flash and web
THEsimpsons / newspringfield / simpsonsline
sumo pandas, teddybear karetekas and kung fu raccoons
joecartoon - cool flash stuff