- - --- you can buy my stuff here
kunstbehandlung - art gallery, munich, germany
blickfang - art gallery, wuppertal, germany

- - --- real art museums and galleries
kunstmuseum basel - museum of arts - basel, switzerland
art-basel - art fairs and other - basel, switzerland
documenta - documentation of art worldwide - kassel, germany
great exhibition of arts - exhibition in munich - munich, germany
alte, neue, moderne pinakothek - museum of old, new and modern arts - munich, germany
haus der kunst - museum of arts - munich, germany
lenbachhaus - museum of arts - munich, germany
kunsthalle hypostiftung - museum of arts - munich, germany
vienas first erotic art gallery now eventlocation as well - vienna, austria
kunsthaus kaufbeuren - art museum - kaufbeuren, bavaria, germany
ortstermine muenchen - art in public space - munich, germany
smart-cafe - art work exponed at an sm and fetish cafe bar and bar, vienna, austraia

check out official sites of cities to search for local art museums - f.e. for munich museums check www.muenchen.de

- - --- virtual art gatherings
boonika - online young and street art gallery
hp's hype gallery - virtual art gallery worldwide and real art gallery berlin, germany
artfacts - guide for galeries and art museums worldwide
artnet magazine - web+print-magazin - new york, usa+www
the artring - home for artists - www
kunstnet.de, kunstbasar.de, kunstring.net - german art portal with lots of links (kunstnet.de/Verzeichnis.html) - www
kunstfaecher - portal for galeries with addresses, germany
artou - where, how, when and why art exhibitions in germany and austria

- - --- officalz
department of science and art bavaria - germany
department of culture and art munich - germany